Our Story

Runner Harmony is here to help you prolong the life of your running shoes. We allow you to wear your running shoes without the fear of developing holes in either the toe area or the heel area of your shoes.

We at Runner Harmony started our journey to extend the life of our running shoes with the development of our 5-star Hole Prevention Inserts. This development was a consequence of our own frustration with toe holes appearing in our running shoes before wearing out the soles of the shoes. We set out on developing and testing our now best-selling Toe Hole Prevention Inserts, launching the inserts once we knew our inserts were just right for our customers. 

One year later, after hearing customer feedback on what else you would love to have, we started testing and trialling our now launched Heel Repair Patch. This patch not only prevents the holes in the heels of your running shoes, but also repairs those that have already occurred.

We empathise with the frustration of purchasing beautiful running shoes only to experience holes appearing in the toe and heel area while the rest of the shoe remains in good condition. The frustrating and expensive option was to purchase a new pair straight away. Now, with Runner Harmony, that is not the only solution.

Runner Harmony is focused on helping our customers while simultaneously helping our environment. One of the cornerstones of helping our environment is extending the life of existing products. Runner Harmony does just that, by extending the life of your existing running shoes, therefore protecting your choice in trainers, while being kind to the environment.

The benefits of Runner Harmony are not only to your running shoes, but also to the environment, and to your wallet at the same time. Runner Harmony is an affordable alternative to buying expensive new running shoes once those annoying holes appear.

So, whatever you wear your running shoes for, we at Runner Harmony have the solution for you.