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What is Runner Harmony?

  • Runner Harmony helps you extend the life of your running shoes by preventing holes in the toe or heel area of your running shoes with our two best-selling products.

Why use it?

  • 1 in 5 people experience holes in the toe area of their running shoes. We can prevent this while saving you money and being kind to the environment.

When to use?

  • Our Toe Hole Prevention inserts are best inserted at any time before holes appear. Our Heel Repair Patch can be inserted before or after the holes first appear.

Who should use it?

  • If you have ever had holes in your running shoes from running, walking, working out, or casual wear, then Runner Harmony is definitely for you.

Where to insert them?

  • Our Toe Hole Prevention inserts are fixed with a special textile adhesive to the inside of the toe area of your running shoes, where most holes are likely to occur. Our Heel Repair Patches are fixed with that same adhesive to stick to the inside of your shoe heel.

How does it work?

  • Both products are made of sturdy and flexible nylon, which easily attaches to the inside of your running shoes, contouring to the shape of your shoe.
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Heel Repair Patch

Heel Repair Patch

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Repair or prevent holes in the heel area of running shoes. 
Can be used before or after the hole appears.
4 patches included.
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Why do we get holes in our running shoes?

The main reason why holes occur in our running shoes is
friction, and the reason for friction may depend on the following:

The most common reason is that the toes may be prone to dorsiflexion,
where the toes turn upwards. This can occur more often if you are a heal striker,
hitting the ground first with your heel, as opposed to the middle of your foot
or the front of your foot. This is the same if people wear their trainers for
walking, exercising, or running. It is the most common reason why holes occur
in running shoes. The reason why it occurs is because the big toes rubs against
the mesh from the inside of the shoe. This is caused by an important factor. If
the hallux joint does not move freely in its full range of motion when loaded
(when you life the toe), then the distal phalanx will overextend to compensate
for this lifting of the toe and occurs at a time when the mesh is close at the
toes (a fraction of a second than it should). This slight difference in the
timing and angle of the extension of the end of the toe (which contains the tip
of the toenail), rather than the entire toe, is sufficient, when repeated
thousands of times when running or walking, to cause the mesh to wear quickly.
It is not uncommon for you to see the mesh wear out after a few weeks.

Other reasons for wear of the mesh of your running shoes is
that the toenails may be too long, causing direct friction with the material. Shoes
of incorrect size, whether too large or too small, can cause the appearance of
holes; too small and the top of the toe is always in contact with the material;
too large and the foot is allowed to move too much inside of the shoe causing

Our Story

Runner Harmony is here to help you prolong the life of your
running shoes. We allow you to wear your running shoes without the fear of developing
holes in either the toe area or the heel area of your shoes.

We at Runner Harmony started our journey to extend the life
of our running shoes with the development of our 5-star Hole Prevention
Inserts. This development was a consequence of our own frustration with toe
holes appearing in our running shoes before wearing out the soles of the shoes.
We set out on developing and testing our now best-selling Toe Hole Prevention
Inserts, launching the inserts once we knew our inserts were just right for our

One year later, after hearing customer feedback on what else
you would love to have, we started testing and trialling our now launched Heel
Repair Patch. This patch not only prevents the holes in the heels of your
running shoes, but also repairs those that have already occurred.

We empathise with the frustration of purchasing beautiful
running shoes only to experience holes appearing in the toe and heel area while
the rest of the shoe remains in good condition. The frustrating and expensive
option was to purchase a new pair straight away. Now, with Runner Harmony, that
is not the only solution.

Runner Harmony is focused on helping our customers while
simultaneously helping our environment. One of the cornerstones of helping our
environment is extending the life of existing products. Runner Harmony does
just that, by extending the life of your existing running shoes, therefore
protecting your choice in trainers, while being kind to the environment.

The benefits of Runner Harmony are not only to your running
shoes, but also to the environment, and to your wallet at the same time. Runner
Harmony is an affordable alternative to buying expensive new running shoes once
those annoying holes appear.

So, whatever you wear your running shoes for, we at Runner
Harmony have the solution for you.

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